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Contact the Board

Any person who has a concern about Campbell’s governance, corporate conduct, business ethics or financial practices may communicate that concern to the Board of Directors. Concerns may be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Board or to the non-management directors as a group in care of the Office of the Corporate Secretary at the Company’s headquarters, or by email to directors@campbellsoup.com. Concerns may also be communicated to the Board by calling the following toll-free Hotline telephone number in the U.S. and Canada: 1-800-210-2173. To place toll-free calls from other countries in which the Company has operations, please click here for the instructions. Any concern relating to accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be referred both to the Chairman and to the Chair of the Audit Committee.

Campbell policy prohibits the Company and any of its employees from retaliating in any manner, or taking any adverse action, against anyone who raises a concern or helps to investigate or resolve it.

Concerns communicated to the Board will be addressed through the Company’s regular procedures for addressing such matters. Depending upon the nature of the concern, it may be referred to the Company’s Internal Audit Department, the Legal or Finance Department, or other appropriate departments. As they deem necessary or appropriate, the Chair of the Board or the Chair of the Audit Committee may direct that certain concerns communicated to them be presented to the Audit Committee or the full Board, or that they receive special treatment, including the retention of outside counsel or other outside advisors.

The status of concerns communicated to the Board will be reported periodically to the Chair and/or the Chair of the Audit Committee, as appropriate.

To place a toll free call, please click here for more information.