Campbell Soup Company Corporate Disclosure Policy
Campbell Soup Company is committed to providing information about the Company to the public in a manner that is consistent with legal and regulatory requirements and that promotes investor confidence by facilitating fair, orderly and efficient market behavior.
Corporate Disclosure Policy (PDF)

Campbell Soup Company Insider Trading Policy
Campbell Soup Company is committed to strictly complying with laws governing the use of material non-public information. As such, all Campbell directors, officers, employees and service providers are required to be familiar with this Policy and comply with the procedures outlined in this Policy.
Insider Trading Policy (PDF)

Campbell Soup Company Political Accountability Guidelines
Campbell actively monitors and participates in public policy development related to our business. These guidelines outline accountabilities pertaining to our engagement in public policy.
Political Accountability Guidelines (PDF)

Political Accountability Guidelines Archives

Campbell Soup Company Policy Concerning Transactions with Related Persons
This policy regulates transactions with any of Campbell Soup Company’s executive officers, directors or any of their immediate family members.
Related Persons Policy (PDF)

To access Campbell's policies on environmental sustainability, discrimination, harassment and retaliation prevention, human rights, responsible advertising and more, please click here .

To learn more about Campbell's commitment to corporate social responsibility please click here to visit our dedicated CSR website.

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