Corporate Governance Overview

Board of Directors

Director Biographies
This section contains biographical information for the Campbell Soup Company Board of Directors.
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Communicating Concerns to the Board Of Directors
Learn how to communicate with the Board of Directors regarding a concern about Campbell's governance, corporate conduct, business ethics or financial practices.
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Board Committees

Board Committees
See the current members of the four standing Board committees.
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Audit Committee
This committee oversees the integrity of financial statements, performance of independent auditors and the internal audit function, and legal compliance.
Audit Committee Charter (PDF)

Compensation and Organization Committee
This committee oversees compensation and benefits policies, performance and compensation of senior executives, succession planning and organization changes.
Compensation and Organization Committee Charter (PDF)

Governance Committee
This committee oversees matters relating to the composition, organization and effectiveness of the Board and its committees.
Governance Committee Charter (PDF)

Finance and Corporate Development Committee
This committee oversees the Company's capital structure, capital budget, pension fund, issue and repurchase of debt and equity, acquisitions and divestitures.
Finance Committee Charter (PDF)

Governance Documents

Corporate Governance Standards
Campbell first published its Corporate Governance Standards in the 1992 Proxy Statement. They provide the structure for the Company's governance system.
Corporate Governance Standards (PDF)

Certificate of Incorporation
The Campbell Soup Company Certificate of Incorporation, as amended and restated on February 24, 1997.
Certificate of Incorporation (PDF)

The By-Laws of Campbell Soup Company set forth the rights of shareholders and specifies certain duties and responsibilities of our Board of Directors and officers.
By-laws (PDF)


Code of Ethics for the CEO and Senior Financial Officers
This Code for the CEO and Senior Financial Officers is designed to promote honest and ethical conduct, maintain the Company's commitment to integrity and require compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
The Code is a key component of Campbell's ongoing commitment to integrity. It explains in a practical way the basic rules and principles that apply to all employees and directors.
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics - English (PDF)
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics - French (PDF)
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics - Spanish (PDF)


Campbell Soup Company Corporate Disclosure Policy
Campbell Soup Company is committed to providing information about the Company to the public in a manner that is consistent with legal and regulatory requirements and that promotes investor confidence by facilitating fair, orderly and efficient market behavior.
Corporate Disclosure Policy (PDF)

Campbell Soup Company Insider Trading Policy
Campbell Soup Company is committed to strictly complying with laws governing the use of material non-public information. As such, all Campbell directors, officers, employees and service providers are required to be familiar with this Policy and comply with the procedures outlined in this Policy.
Insider Trading Policy (PDF)

Campbell Soup Company Political Accountability Guidelines
Campbell actively monitors and participates in public policy development related to our business. These guidelines outline accountabilities pertaining to our engagement in public policy.
Political Accountability Guidelines (PDF)

Political Accountability Guidelines Archives

Campbell Soup Company Policy Concerning Transactions with Related Persons
This policy regulates transactions with any of Campbell Soup Company’s executive officers, directors or any of their immediate family members.
Related Persons Policy (PDF)

To access Campbell's policies on environmental sustainability, discrimination, harassment and retaliation prevention, human rights, responsible advertising and more, please click here .

To learn more about Campbell's commitment to corporate social responsibility please click here to visit our dedicated CSR website.

Insider Transactions

Insider Transactions
Find information on recent SEC filings by directors and executive officers reporting transactions in Campbell stock.
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